Lisa Firek
Profesora de inglés
Antecedentes académicos
I was born and raised in Toronto, Ont., Canada. In 1995, I graduated from Sir Sandford College and received my certificate in Recreation Leadership. This allowed me to work with senior citizens in a nursing in the department of Activity Programming for five years and grew to a management position with the title of, Quality Improvement Coordinator for another five years. I was always drawn to seniors and enjoyed every second of my ten years of employment at Sunnycrest Nursing Home. In 2002, I obtained my TESOL Certificate from the International College of Applied Linguistics, knowing that language was of interest to me. I speak Polish, English and Spanish. In 2005, I quit my job and took some time off to have my son. In the fall of 2006, I went back to working and this time at a Social Services Agency in the Administration Department until 2009. A beautiful and gratifying job that allowed me to work with people from all walks of life. I always enjoyed meeting new people, traveling and soaking in new culture. When arriving to Argentina 2010, I worked in an english institute, private in home lessons to adults and children and currently at In-genious.

I enjoy spending time with my two children and husband, watching my sons soccer and basketball games, family and friend get togethers and soaking in the summer sun. I enjoy teaching conversation classes and just simply being around people and talking.. Believe it or not I was a very shy person and it really was hard for me to open up to people and talk about anything. But it has become easier thanks to this great country that has an excellent social environment and believes that talking is the best medicine.

Qué te gusta de trabajar en In-genious
In-genious is a unique place where staff and students are dynamic and together make the institute what it is. What a pleasure to walk in each week and see smiling faces and students that want to learn and absorb all that is offered. Hats off to Maria Laura, she has formed a one of a kind place that is professional, organized, down to earth and fun.