A few months ago, In-genious purchased a new platform.

Ever since we signed the contract, the work has been typing students’ personal details into an Excel file (info we only had on paper sheets) and providing the platform people with all the necessary information about our school and daily work. Though the platform is already developed and we’ll be “renting” it, it has never been used in a language school so, right now, it’s being “tuned” for us.

With this new tool we’ll be able to run administrative processes more efficiently, we’ll have a common channel to spread institutional news around and we’ll be better able to record students’ progress along the course.

From now onward, the following academic tasks will be done online through the platform:

– keeping a record of students’ attendance to class. Students will be able to check their attendance by logging on the platform.

– filling in reports. Students will be able to see their marks in tests and read comments on their progress written by their teachers.


Two weeks ago, the teachers started to get trained on its use and, after the winter break, we’ll grant access to our students. Though the platform looks easy and pretty intuitive, we all have a great challenge ahead!