I had to review comparatives and superlatives with my pre intermediate adult students and I felt like doing something different this time. My challenge was how to make the grammar topic more appealing to my students so I decided to ask the class to write a speech using comparatives and superlatives so we could later on vote for the class president. Finally, Nicole, with a very rousing speech, was the winner and, as the newly appointed leader, her first decision was to have a poke class.

I thought Nicole´s idea was wonderful and it inspired me to think of a pokemon based class to continue with the revision of the grammar topic we were revising. The first step in my poke lesson was to catch the sixteen pokemons that I had previously scattered around the school (these adult students had a blast looking for the pokemons!) The next activity was to match the pokemons with their names and to classify the creatures according to 17 categories. Finally, Pre Intermediate students got divided into two groups and wrote as many sentences as they could comparing the different pokemons that you can find out there!


Written by Rocio Bordino Poke class Rosario 2

Elementary and pre intermediate morning class teacher at In-genious Idiomas