Hey you? Are you a traveller planning to come to Argentina and would like to work while mingling with the locals and learning about Argies? Would you like to teach your mother tongue and show others about your culture and traditions? Check the following requisites and send us an email if you feel you  could come and teach with us!

– Advanced English level or English as mother tongue

– CELTA certificate

– Experience teaching English to young adults

– Outgoing and sociable person interested in other cultures and learning Spanish





On Thursday 8th September we’ll meet up at In-genious to eat chicken tandoori and practice some English.

Those of you who wanna come, complete the form below and bring something to drink to the party.


IMPORTANT If you want to eat tandoori chicken, swing by the school before Tuesday 6th and buy your ticket for the food. It’s 80 pesos per person. If you don´t feel like eating Hindu food, you can always bring some empanadas or a sandwich on the day of the party.

Please, if you enrol and then you find out you cannot make it, let us know as soon as possible.

The ones wanting to help us decorate the social room and play some ping pong 😉 can come at 8 pm. The ones in class till 9 pm will be joining us by that time.

Thursday promises to be a night of lots of fun, culture exchange and language practice. Are you coming?

If you want to practise your speaking skills, then join our “Game Night British Edition”!

The workshop coordinators are two super fun friends friends from London, England: Olivia Dakin and Emma Connolly. Our idea this time is to get together at the school to play board games while we talk in English and share some mates in a very cool laid-back atmosphere.

The session will take place at In-genious Idiomas (Paraguay 445) on Thursday 4th, August at 7 pm.

It`s free of charge and open to the community! (Yeah, while lots of institutions are increasing their prices, we are actually offering education for free)

If you are coming, just register by filling in the form below:




A few months ago, In-genious purchased a new platform.

Ever since we signed the contract, the work has been typing students’ personal details into an Excel file (info we only had on paper sheets) and providing the platform people with all the necessary information about our school and daily work. Though the platform is already developed and we’ll be “renting” it, it has never been used in a language school so, right now, it’s being “tuned” for us.

With this new tool we’ll be able to run administrative processes more efficiently, we’ll have a common channel to spread institutional news around and we’ll be better able to record students’ progress along the course.

From now onward, the following academic tasks will be done online through the platform:

– keeping a record of students’ attendance to class. Students will be able to check their attendance by logging on the platform.

– filling in reports. Students will be able to see their marks in tests and read comments on their progress written by their teachers.


Two weeks ago, the teachers started to get trained on its use and, after the winter break, we’ll grant access to our students. Though the platform looks easy and pretty intuitive, we all have a great challenge ahead!





In-genious Idiomas is a leading language school pioneering in innovative and creative language teaching to young adults in Rosario, Argentina. We offer a unique learning experience by combining Spanish courses and a bunch of recreational and social activities for our international students to learn by sharing and interacting with the locals.

What’s more, we are always on the lookout for foreigners who would like to teach special conversation classes to our local students learning English. Our idea is to foster the understanding between cultures while providing all students with more opportunities for real-life practice of the language. 


Local students in the special conversation class with Fiona, from England.


Jack showing images to local students about the Turks and Caicos Island, his homeland.


VJ giving a presentation on “Religions” in India.


Margarita, from Russia, cooked “Russian salad” with the help of local students at the school.


Luis, from USA, playing ping pong after his Spanish classes with Ana, our local Spanish teacher.

If you are interested in learning Spanish at In-genious or you feel you could help with the teaching of English, send us an email to informes@in-geniousclub.com and tell us who you are, where you are from and the dates on which you are planning to visit Rosario (let us know if you need help with the accommodation) We’ll answer asap!

For more info about our school, you can follow us on:

In-genious Idiomas Facebook page

In-genious Idiomas YouTube channel

Rainy and cold outside? Don’t worry! Take advantage of the bad weather to practise your listening skills.

Have you ever heard of podcasts? According to Wikipedia, “a podcast is a form of digital media that consists of an episodic series of audio, video, digital radio, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device.”

In other words, podcasts are like radio shows, with the difference you can download your favourite ones and have the mp3 files in your computer or mobile phone so you listen to them whenever you have some spare time.

When I was a student at teacher training college and needed to practise and get the British accent, I would download a bunch of podcasts hosted by British speakers and I would listen to the mp3s while going to Uni by bus or before falling asleep at nights.

Here I’ll list some of my favourite sites:

British English


American English




Hope you guys enjoy the selection!

Written by María Laura De Luca

Principal at In-genious Idiomas


“People are hungry for stories. It’s part of our very being. Storytelling is a form of history, of immortality too. It goes from one generation to another.” –Studs Terkel

From ancient times, humans have used storytelling as a way to communicate and to preserve their heritage, culture and beliefs. Every single person tells a story.  Storytelling is also the oldest form of teaching.

Today, the emergence of the Internet has brought about many challenges of a completely new nature in formal educational environments. Hence, educators are faced with a different type of learner: the digital native. This term has been coined by Marc Prensky (2001) because he found them to be native speakers of the digital language of computers and the Internet. This new generation of students  prefers to receive information quickly, relies on communication technologies, multitasks, has a low tolerance for lectures, and chooses active rather than passive learning. Being witnesses of such technological advances in education, we, teachers, face a new challenge when we approach storytelling: how to blend the ancient art of telling stories with the new tools that technology offers.

Digital Storytelling is simply telling or writing stories with the assistance of technological tools. According to Porter (2005), Digital Storytelling “shapes its power by integrating technology – digital images, graphics, music, and sound—with the author’s own story voice, thereby giving a deeper dimension and vivid colours to characters, situations, experiences and insights.”

Using Digital Storytelling in the EFL classroom has many advantages. We can summarise those benefits as follows: a) it motivates learners to write stories of their own in the target language; b) it fosters learners imagination and empowers their creativity; c) it integrates the four communicative skills together with computer skills and critical thinking; d) it encourages learners to share their stories with their classmates and the rest of the world; e) it adapts to students’ learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) through the use of different resources; and finally  f) it promotes the development of socio-cultural identities.

The endless number of resources we on the web can be overwhelming. Here are five  sites to approach digital storytelling in the EFL classroom, which can be used in all levels.

#1 Storybird: (www.storybird.com) is a free Web 2.0 tool to create stories or poems. Students can choose Imaginative Art images from the site and add text to them to create their artwork. Once students publish their digistory, they can embed it in a blog or a wiki.  Registration is required. This tool is suitable for all levels.

#2 Pixton Comics (www.pixton.com) is an online tool to create comics. Students can use pictures already available on the site and write inside speech bubbles. Students can also explore their artistic skills by drawing new pictures for their comic strips. Pixton is for free though registration is required. It is appropriate for teenager students. It is also available in Spanish.

#3 Dvolver (www.dvolver.com) is a simple website which allows students to make customised animated videos. Students can select the background, characters and plot. They can also add a dialogue bubble which will appear above the character’s head in the finished movie. Students can also choose  music for each scene. Once students publish their video, they can embed it in a blog or a wiki. No registration is required. This tool is suitable for all levels.

#4 Glogster (www.glogster.com) is a tool to create an interactive poster. Students can include videos, photos, voice recordings, text, drawings and links to external websites. It is suitable for personal introductions or holiday stories. It is ideal for teenager or adult students.

#5 Folding Story (www.foldingstory.com) is a Web 2.0 tool to create digital stories which allows learners to collaborate in story-writing. It is the web version of the traditional game “Write, Fold and Pass”. Registration is for free and people from all over the world can read the digital stories once they are published on the site. It is appropriate for adult learners.

These are only a few of the numerous resources that the Net offers to make storytelling more appealing to our students. Even though digital storytelling might be challenging and time-consuming, it will motivate our digital native students and will enhance their learning by challenging them to work both collaboratively and autonomously.


Written by Prof. María Fernanda Frola

English teacher at In-genious Idiomas


Sources and References:

Alexander, B. (2011) The New Digital Storytelling. Creating Narratives with New Media. Greenwood Publishing Group.

Porter, B. (2005) Digitales: The art of digital storytelling. Denver, CO: Bernajean Porter Consulting.

Prensky, M.  (2012) From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom Published in From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom: Hopeful Essays for 21st Century Education. Corwin.

Wright, A. (2009) Storytelling with Children. Oxford University Press.


Published in Teacher’s Magazine, April, 2015, Ediba Ediciones, Buenos Aires: Argentina




Atención alumnos de la escuela de verano, alumnos 2015 y público bilingüe en general, se viene la primera juntada del 2016. El jueves 18/02 a las 21 hs hacemos la “Pizza Night” en italiano y en inglés ????

Lugar: In-genious Idiomas.

¡Ya se puso buena la cosa! Inscribite completando el formulario a continuación ? https://goo.gl/ewkyAu

Atención: esta actividad es gratuita y abierta para alumnos de la escuela y público en general interesado en practicar idiomas. Sin embargo, para comprar la pizza haremos una “vaquita” en la escuela así que va a ser necesario que traigas algo de dinero.

There are many English language schools in Rosario. However, none of them offered the same prices or the same quality. So how can we offer reasonable prices and at the same time be the school that has grown in the last 4 years in Rosario?

That is how:

1- Our priority is to teach English

In-genious Languages ??was created by an English teacher, not investors. Thus, our goal is to offer the best English lessons in Rosario, not reduce costs and increase profits regardless of the learning of our students.

2- going to start in the course that is your level

From day one, we seek to know and “measure” your English by means of a free level test (written and oral part). Then we guide you as to what would be the best class for you and monitor your progress during the course through short (monthly) and global (mid and end of year) tests. Your many teachers as our coordinator will always be attentive to learn.

In addition, the groups are small and we try that classes are as homogeneous as possible – your colleagues are going to have the same level and roughly the same age. The limited number of students in our classes help us to provide a personalized service as well teachers know their students and classes to adapt to the rhythms and needs of learning them.

3. You’re going to progress gradually and progressively.

Learning a language is not just memorize rules and tables: for us, the most important indicator of your progress will be able to communicate. To achieve that goal, in our classes, and learn the structures that make up the language, you will be working with original texts, games, songs, videos, listening activities on original conversations adapted and we will do a lot of talking: we will use English since you come to school until you leave, you’ll meet aliens ends meet teachers and we will ensure that your listening skills, oral comprehension, written production and oral production improved to a balanced pace.

4. We are a strong team

We work with a stable team of qualified teachers experienced in teaching classes to adults who have a genuine interest in their students progress and enjoy the experience of learning as much as we enjoy teaching. In addition, we formed together a great team. We shared between all we know, materials, novel methods, experiences and ideas to improve our classes and workspace.

5. Our marketing strategy is simple: good classes bring more students

Because the majority of our students come to our school on the recommendation of other students, we need to invest heavily in marketing.

6. We offer personalized attention

In-genious in Languages ??you will receive personal attention given that we will answer your questions one by one and individually.

7. Your opinion is important

In-genious languages ??is managed by its owner, who has a deep interest in improving services based on comments and suggestions from students and school faculty. It is of utmost importance for the whole Team In-genious that you have a good experience. Therefore, satisfaction surveys sent to our students and we pay close attention to questions, complaints or suggestions from our students about classes or any activity that offer.

8. We give you more than just English classes

Common areas of our school and social and cultural activities we organize are ideal not only to practice the language you’re learning, but to make new friends and learn more about your classmates and teacher.