Roberta Wersio
Studies and work experience
I’m an English-Spanish translator and interpreter. I have been teaching for some years now, and I love working with adults as well as with teenagers. I work in private language institutes and I also teach private lessons at home. I believe it’s really important to keep studying and learning new things all the time.

Who I am
I love spending my free time listening to music or reading, letting my imagination fly. I also enjoy drinking mates and talking with my family and friends. I think my city is lovely so I sometimes walk around its parks. At other times, I prefer going roller-skating, or taking some dance classes. I always try to be informed about what happens around me and in the world.

Why I like working at In-genious
Working at in-genious is inspiring. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the air! Students can enjoy relaxed and organized classes as well as a great number of extra activities, which are usually real fun. As the groups are small, we get to know each other; therefore, every class becomes far more enriching for everyone – teachers and students alike.