Mercedes Esrequis
Studies and work experience
I got my degree as an English teacher at Olga Cossettini Institute in 2009. Nowadays, I’m doing a postgraduate course in teaching at Universidad Nacional de Rosario. I have been working as an English teacher in companies and in many state and private schools in the city for more than 6 years. I've also taken part in the entrance course at Olga Cossettini, delivering the Reading Comprehension classes. Nowadays, I have a language institute in Acebal, where I teach several levels and all ages. I’m also part of the In-genious team of teachers in charge of training students for the entrance exam at teacher training college and the translation major. I’m the reading comprehension teacher in this course.

Who I am
In my free time, I enjoy going to my parents’ house, where I can spend hours in the garden with my dogs. I also like going for a walk with my dog, Pasti. I’m a dog lover (I truly believe that every house should have a dog) I’m also an avid reader so I’m always waiting for my holidays to enjoy a good book. I really like teaching and witnessing how my students learn a new language. I believe that when I’m teaching, I’m also learning something from my students, and in that way, I’m always updated.

Why I like working at In-genious
In-genious offers me the possibility of working in a stress-free environment, where the students are relaxed and not afraid of making mistakes. What I like the most about In-genious is the fact that I can drink “mates” when I’m delivering a class. In Argentina, drinking a mate with someone means more than just a “refreshment”, sharing a mate with a student is also an invitation for some informal talk before the class begins. I always recommend In-genious as the best place for young adults to learn English. The principal is always in search for new projects, events and activities that would motivate students to practise the language they are learning. What’s more, the teachers at In-genious are always in touch and ready to help one another when in need. The bonus is that there is always a foreigner at In-genious ready to talk and share their experiences with the students, giving them the possibility not only to practise the language but also to learn about different cultures.