María Laura Espeleta
Director of Studies
Studies and work experience
I am a teacher and a translator of English graduated from the IES N° 28 Olga Cossettini; and I also obtained the certificate as a teacher of Business English, offered by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). At the moment, I am doing the University Teaching Postgraduate Course for Teachers of English at Rosario National University (UNR). Besides working for In-genious, I work as a teacher at state and private schools of Rosario.

Who I am
I am an easy-going and responsible person, who loves her job. I consider myself lucky that I can make a living doing what I really like. In my classes I like to create a warm learning environment, in which students feel free to use the language confidently, always keeping in mind their language goals. I find it extremely rewarding to see the progress students make throughout the year, thanks to their perseverance and effort. In my free time I’m keen on spending time with my loved ones, either sharing a typical Sunday with my family or meeting friends. Also, I enjoy travelling, walking around and visiting new places, as well as other little things such as seeing a live concert, cooking a special meal, having a funny chat with friends, spending a day on the island, watching a film on a rainy night, or having some mates in the open air in contact with nature.

Why I like working at In-genious
I like working for In-genious because learning is considered from an innovative perspective. It leaves behind the traditional teaching methods, and instead, it focuses mainly on students as the main active actors in this process, giving special importance to communication. Also, I appreciate the fellowship among all the members of our work team, which is vital to create a relaxed and comfortable environment to work in. All of us are always willing to help and collaborate. In-genious is a different language school since it offers students and teachers opportunities to be in contact with the language they are learning inside and outside the classroom. For instance, at social and recreational meeting, we hang out with people from many different parts of the world, learning not only a new language, but also about different cultures and ways of life. The same occurs in the monthly special classes with foreigners as well as in the literature and drama workshops, where students experience the language from a non-conventional approach.