María Laura De Luca
In-genious founder and CEO
Studies and work experience
I am an English teacher and English <> Spanish translator graduated from IES n°28 Olga Cossettini. I specialized in Didactics and Methodology, by being a graduate teacher assistant in the subjects “Didactics I and II” at IES n°28 Olga Cossettini in the years 2013 and 2014. I have also passed with distinction the exams sent to Argentina by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry that, certifies me as a Business English teacher, and the “Certificate of Proficiency in English” exam from ESOL Cambridge Examinations. After many years working as an English teacher in many different schools and companies in Rosario, I am currently devoted to coordinating In-genious classes and the Team of teachers.

Who I am
I am an active, detail-oriented entrepreneurial person. I love challenges and good organization. Languages, travelling, meeting new people and learning about other cultures are my passions in life. In my free time, I like reading, running and investigating about linguistics, teaching methods, neuroscience and IT in education. I like clever spontaneous people and I could not live without being close to my family and friends.

Why I like working at In-genious
At In-genious I have found my “element,” as simple as that. The school is the place where I can be “me” freely and the best part of all is that I have found, too, along the way of making the school, an enthusiastic and creative Team of coworkers and friends. Not only do they follow me in whatever new project and suggest even better ideas, but also they have truly understood In-genious new learning concept: this idea of enjoying teaching, of making learning fun, while at the same time still being professional and committed towards our students’ learning. Why do I like working at In-genious? Because the In-genious Team is awesome!