Florencia Benmuyal
Academic coordinator and teacher
Studies and work experience
I graduated from Rosario English High School with Proficiency Level. I have more than ten years of experience working as an English teacher, for individuals and groups and for all levels (elementary, intermediate and advanced). I’m a Literary and Technical-Scientific English translator graduated from IES Nº 28 Olga Cossettini and I improved my conversational skills after working for a USA financial institution for two years. Besides being part of In-genius’s staff, I work as an English teacher for First School of English and I teach business English in a multinational company.

Who I am
I like doing research and improving my specialty areas, more precisely, the ones related to English, Spanish and language in general. My challenge as a teacher is to make my students enjoy learning English in the same way I did and I still do. To achieve this, I prepare my classes so as to make them entertaining, practical and relaxing. In my spare time I like reading, listening to music and watching films. I’m also a portraitist and I like drawing and painting.

Why I like working at In-genious
In-genious is a social and multicultural environment that allows you to interact with people from all over the world. In this way, you can improve your language skills and your knowledge about different cultures. This school is innovative, relaxing and full of new ideas that make you enjoy learning languages and discover new aspects of them. As a Team, we believe that traditional teaching methods are obsolete and that’s why at In-genious we are always exploring new way of teaching. Our main objective is that students put into practice what they are learning through speaking activities. For that reason, In-genious has updated technology and materials and a group of well-trained and innovative professionals, not only from Argentina but also from different countries, who are eager to teach and make this institute a unique and charming place.