Fernanda Frola
Studies and work experience
I am an EFL teacher graduated from Instituto Superior No. 28 “Olga Cossettini” in Rosario, Argentina. There, I received a degree in TEFL YL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners) and also a degree in TEFL specialized in Teaching Adolescents. I have a post graduate degree in English from Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR). Since I am highly interested in new trends in education, I have done an online post graduate in ICT and Education specialized in Foreign Languages (Ministerio Nacional de Educación Argentina). Apart from my TEFL background, I am currently majoring in Literature and Linguistics (UNR) As for my experience, I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for nine years at different levels: children, adolescents and adults. For two years, I worked as a coordinator of e-learning educational projects. I have also worked as an ESP (English with Specific Purposes) teacher in the areas of Tourism and Aviation.

Who I am
I am very curious and that is why I am always learning (Anything!) I consider myself an enterprising, go-ahead person since I am constantly looking for new challenges which motivate me in life. I love teaching and I am very passionate about my job. Another passion is literature. In my free time, I take part in a creative writing workshop. At University, I am part of Study Centre of American Literature. I am also in charge of Reading Corner at In-genious – a small and cozy workshop we have created to share our love for books and stories. I also love travelling and meeting people and cultures from all over the world. It’s fascinating!

Why I like working at In-genious
I believe that there is no other place like In-genious for its originality mainly, but also for its coziness. I love working here because it has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and we really work as a team, together, sharing all our knowledge and helping each other every day. What I also enjoy about working at In-genious is that our staff is always willing to embrace new challenges and to continue enhancing EFL Teaching –and that is what makes the difference.