We are building a bilingual Rosario! In­genious Idiomas was the first step to achieve this aim: global education both at language institutes and at schools so that our people can work in the world that’s coming.

A traditional education is no longer enough and traditional teaching methods have long proved obsolete. Join our new way of teaching and let’s keep on making history together!

January 2020

In-genious Idiomas is Trademark!

February 2019

We inaugurated our first school branch in Trenque Lauquen, prov de Buenos Aires.

September 2017

We started to develop our in company training courses.

January 2017

New teachers joined the #dremteam!

February 2016

We launched our Spanish and English for Teenagers programs.

July 2015

We moved into a bigger house with more rooms for classes and activities. The In­genious Team kept growing and adding new teachers.

September 2014

We started to work in the improvement of our web page and in the development of a platform that integrated face­to­face class contents with our students homework.

August 2014

New teachers joined us. We bought new furniture for our rooms and new computers so that each teacher could deliver his/her classes using cutting edge technology.

March 2014

We started the extra­curricular activities of the In­genious Social Club with our English young adult students. We started the system of rotating local/foreign teachers with the aim of facilitating our students’ different English accents acquisition.

November 2013

We rented our first house. It was big and beautiful, located just in front of Che Guevara’s birth house in Rosario.

March 2013

We started 2013 with classes at their full capacity. Vanina, Laura and Cameron started to work at the school and we rented a new office so that we would have two rooms for our classes.

July 2012

We started to organize Barlingual Rosario events together with the school “Spanish in Rosario.” Barlingual was a success from the very beginning and, not only did we have a blast organizing the events, but also we started to meet people interested in the In­genious Idiomas project.

June 2012

The office in “Asorum” was small for the number of students enrolling in the courses. We rented our own office and Vanesa joined the Team to help with the teaching.

February 2012

In­genious Idiomas was born in an office within “Asorum,” a local human resources company in Rosario. We started to work on the methodology, study programs and the communication of our ideas through a web page. The In­genious Team was made up by two people.

December 2010

Being 25 years old and shortly after having graduated as an English teacher and Spanish<>English translator, I went to work for a while to the USA, where I met wonderful and diverse people and where not everything worked out as expected and I had to learn things I never thought I would need to “learn.”