Nowadays, the limits between nations and cultures are disappearing to give place to a big global village. A traditional education is no longer enough, and the ability to speak different languages is more and more valued each day. That’s why our aim at In­genious is to help our students develop the linguistic skills that would allow them to be part of this globalized world we live in.

Chasing this objective, we have designed an integrated teaching method that adapts to students’ needs and incorporates the social component in the process of acquiring the language. In this way, the learning experience becomes truly significant to the student.

How are you going to learn?

The teaching method that we use at In­genious is called the “Communicative Approach.” This method encourages the learning of the language through speaking and interacting. In class, you’ll participate in informal talks, debates, role plays and simulations of real life episodes. You will use the language you are learning from the very beginning, which will make you feel that in little time you are making great progress. During the classes, students will be presented with a variety of texts exploring Argentina’s culture, current affairs and topics of interest to the students. Our teachers will provide the students with the necessary support to help them build and expand their vocabulary, work on their grammar and improve their writing and speaking skills.

Committed and professional staff

We are proud to have the best teachers in Rosario to guarantee high­ quality classes. Our teachers Team is made up by local teachers that are not only qualified and experienced, but also friendly, dynamic, professional and passionate about language teaching and culture exchange. Our teachers are also firmly committed to your learning and will be ready to offer you orientation and support so that you build the confidence you need to speak Spanish fluently.

Small groups and cheerful atmosphere

Our classes are designed to be relaxed and fun. We organize classes this way because we believe that if you are comfortable and at ease, you will learn more. In other words: the more comfortable you are, the more uninhibited you will be and the more you will speak in Spanish.

What’s more, small classes ensure a more personalized approach from the teacher who will be better able to follow your progress, helping you to improve your weak points and highlighting your strengths.