More quality at a lower price… how?

There are many English language schools in Rosario. However, none of them offered the same prices or the same quality. So how can we offer reasonable prices and at the same time be the school that has grown in the last 4 years in Rosario?

That is how:

1- Our priority is to teach English

In-genious Languages ??was created by an English teacher, not investors. Thus, our goal is to offer the best English lessons in Rosario, not reduce costs and increase profits regardless of the learning of our students.

2- going to start in the course that is your level

From day one, we seek to know and “measure” your English by means of a free level test (written and oral part). Then we guide you as to what would be the best class for you and monitor your progress during the course through short (monthly) and global (mid and end of year) tests. Your many teachers as our coordinator will always be attentive to learn.

In addition, the groups are small and we try that classes are as homogeneous as possible – your colleagues are going to have the same level and roughly the same age. The limited number of students in our classes help us to provide a personalized service as well teachers know their students and classes to adapt to the rhythms and needs of learning them.

3. You’re going to progress gradually and progressively.

Learning a language is not just memorize rules and tables: for us, the most important indicator of your progress will be able to communicate. To achieve that goal, in our classes, and learn the structures that make up the language, you will be working with original texts, games, songs, videos, listening activities on original conversations adapted and we will do a lot of talking: we will use English since you come to school until you leave, you’ll meet aliens ends meet teachers and we will ensure that your listening skills, oral comprehension, written production and oral production improved to a balanced pace.

4. We are a strong team

We work with a stable team of qualified teachers experienced in teaching classes to adults who have a genuine interest in their students progress and enjoy the experience of learning as much as we enjoy teaching. In addition, we formed together a great team. We shared between all we know, materials, novel methods, experiences and ideas to improve our classes and workspace.

5. Our marketing strategy is simple: good classes bring more students

Because the majority of our students come to our school on the recommendation of other students, we need to invest heavily in marketing.

6. We offer personalized attention

In-genious in Languages ??you will receive personal attention given that we will answer your questions one by one and individually.

7. Your opinion is important

In-genious languages ??is managed by its owner, who has a deep interest in improving services based on comments and suggestions from students and school faculty. It is of utmost importance for the whole Team In-genious that you have a good experience. Therefore, satisfaction surveys sent to our students and we pay close attention to questions, complaints or suggestions from our students about classes or any activity that offer.

8. We give you more than just English classes

Common areas of our school and social and cultural activities we organize are ideal not only to practice the language you’re learning, but to make new friends and learn more about your classmates and teacher.

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