Holy Guacamole! End of the first term FIESTA

Hey you! On Thursday July 7th we’ll meet up at In-genious to taste some “guacamole” and practice some English.

Those of you who wanna come, complete this the form and bring something to drink.

ENROL HERE >> https://goo.gl/I5FLND

Maria will prepare guacamole with nachos and I, Lau D., will order empanadas. Then we’ll divide the cost of the food among the people at the event.

Please, if you enrol and then you find out you cannot make it, let us know as soon as possible so we can calculate the amount of food we’ll need to buy.

The ones wanting to help us decorate the social room and play some ping pong ­čśë can come at 8 pm. The ones in class till 9 pm will be joining us by that time.

Thursday promises to be a night of lots of fun, culture exchange and language practice. Are you coming?

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