Learn Spanish in Rosario and teach English in the meantime!

In-genious Idiomas is a leading language school pioneering in innovative and creative language teaching to young adults in Rosario, Argentina. We offer a unique learning experience by combining Spanish courses and a bunch of recreational and social activities for our international students to learn by sharing and interacting with the locals.

What’s more, we are always on the lookout for foreigners who would like to teach special conversation classes to our local students learning English. Our idea is to foster the understanding between cultures while providing all students with more opportunities for real-life practice of the language. 


Local students in the special conversation class with Fiona, from England.


Jack showing images to local students about the Turks and Caicos Island, his homeland.


VJ giving a presentation on “Religions” in India.


Margarita, from Russia, cooked “Russian salad” with the help of local students at the school.


Luis, from USA, playing ping pong after his Spanish classes with Ana, our local Spanish teacher.

If you are interested in learning Spanish at In-genious or you feel you could help with the teaching of English, send us an email to informes@in-geniousclub.com and tell us who you are, where you are from and the dates on which you are planning to visit Rosario (let us know if you need help with the accommodation) We’ll answer asap!

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