Who is it for?

For students willing to practise the language in a relaxed and fun way. The language level of the students that usually participe in this activity is intermediate.

Which is the objective?

The objective is that students practise the language they are learning in a more meaningful and relaxed way in a different, non traditional environment where humour and play help participants to express themselves with more ease and self-confidence.

Which are the requirements?

To participate in this activity it is very important that you enrol (you can be a school student or not)

To enrol, you can either send us an private message through our In-genious Facebook Page or you can send us an email to informes@in-geniousclub.com confirming your attendance.

Twice a month
Additional info
Every other Friday we´ll get together at the In-genious Social Room to play ping pong and practise the languages you are learning. Fun, relaxed and free! We´ll soon publish when we´ll start with the Lang Pong in 2017. Stay tuned!