The teachers

Our Team is formed by
highly experienced young
professional teachers. Learn more about us!

How we teach

Our teaching method is
the Communicative Approach. Read more about how you are
going to learn Spanish!


Our activities are great opportunities
to practise what you are learning in
class and to make local friends. Join us next time!

Great Learning Experiences

We have designed an integrated teaching method that adapts to the students’ needs and incorporates the social component in the process of acquiring the language. We go further than the mere teaching of a language. O​ur aim is to create a truly significant learning experience.

More about our method

Why studying at In­genious?

High-quality classes, committed and professional Team of teachers, free cultural and social activities, small groups, personalized service, value for money are some of the qualities that make us different from the rest.

What our students say

A tour around In­genious

We break the rules, innovate constantly and get updated with the latest trends so that the process of learning a language is dynamic, relaxed and effective. Do you need proof? Then, look!