Study Spanish in Rosario!

As many hours per week as you want. You can start any day all year round!

The One-to-One Spanish Program includes private lessons tailored to meet the needs and goals of each student. Students are able to customize both the intensity and the schedule of the course, and each lesson is tailored to their specific needs within the curriculum. The individual nature of these courses allows students to progress quickly and develop their Spanish language skills with confidence.

What to expect

Students can expect to improve their level of Spanish significantly in a short period of time by concentrating on the areas of the language that they find most difficult and receiving uninterrupted personalized attention from the professor.


Flexibility and Customization

Individual classes allow students to focus on the concepts that they are most interested in at their own pace. The One-to-One lessons will focus on the four key language skills (writing, speaking, reading, and listening) while also tailoring instruction to strengthen the student’s weaknesses and focusing on creating lessons that appeal to the student’s personal learning style.


Confident learning

Students will be able to quickly develop confidence in Spanish speaking and listening since the professor can focus on correcting their individual errors and problem areas in a supportive and encouraging environment.

How much?

USD 20 (If student books between 1 and 19 hs of classes a month)

USD 18 (If student books 20 hours of classes a month or more)

Cancellation policy: one day in advance.



Pre-arrival Skype Q&A Session

Free placement test to find the right Spanish group course for you

Class material

Free evening activities like:

  • Conversation Club
  • Reading Corner
  • SPANG PONG (Spanish + PING PONG + Music)

A level certificate at the end of your Spanish course

Free medical assistance

NO inscription fee!



Todo el año
Días y horarios
To be agreed with the student
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